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Antica Casa Fiore is a family run B&B.

We have tried to preserve some of the house features as it was when first lived in by the Fiore family as former wine producers during the thirties: the sitting-room, the large kitchen, the dining-room with a common table suitable to host several people tell about our love for preserving habits of family life.

In the morning Gloria will do her best to make you start the day with a healthy home made Italian breakfast.

Outside the little wild grove reflects Vittorio's passion and respect for natural environment, even in the heart of the village; little birds have their nest there and tall trees and bushes, two little ponds and some quiet spots make the place a right one to relax.

A natural green patio just near the terrace is a nice place to have a fresh drink or a glass of moscato wine during the fine season or better on you can enjoy a pic-nic with guests and friends.

We hope you will like the green area as its purpose is to help make your stay more pleasant.

Free public parking is along the street, on the opposite square or inside the property if you are bikers or drive a small car.

No smoking is allowed all over the property.

You are welcome from April to half November.